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How To Get Rid Of Migraines With Radishes

Radishes are one of the best natural pain killers from the kitchen spring. My grandmothers always told me that if you eat radishes you’ll never get sick…well, it’s half true! It’s proven that a handful of radishes it’s half of vitamin C daily dose, and B vitamins.

Radishes will send migraines away!

It’s less known the fact that red radishes are and incredible effective cure against migraines. These “vivid reddish truffles” contain substances that soothe brain’s excitatory condition, and have also a favorable action over digestion.

This means that radishes fight successfully against headaches accompanied by vomiting, bitter regurgitation, malaise and nausea.

How to consume: Against migraines, you must eat 2-3 raw radishes on an empty stomach. The pain will disappear in about 20-25 minutes.

Well, I think it’s better to consume radishes than to take pain killers that slowly poison your body.

Image Credits: Rodalesorganiclife

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