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The best homemade natural healing

When you have children, cuts, scratches, burns and injuries are very common. To avoid signs of a good behavior you can treat them at home. This natural remedy is extremely effective for unsightly traces left by acne.

Even if we are talking about a flesh wound or a deeper cut, it’s very important that healing and skin regeneration to be quickly, complete and hygienic so that won’t lead to inflammation and infection.

Here’s how to make your own natural healing

Comfrey ointment is the best natural remedy for cuts, scrapes, burns, wounds that heal slowly, old scars. Here’s the best homemade natural healing

In a pot, melt a butter package, let it boil for 15 minutes and remove the foam that forms. Take the butter off the heat and pour it into a clean container then add a grain of beeswax. Stir, add 4 tablespoons of comfrey powder and mix well again until you get a homogeneous mixture. Store it in a refrigerator. Apply directly on skin or wound, massaging gently until it’s completely absorbed, several times a day.

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