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Cure arthritis and bronchitis with cottage cheese poultices

Poultices are very effective medicines available to everyone, and the best known therapeutic indication consists in the fast healing process of diseases like cough, asthma, bronchitis or sore throat.

Cottage cheese poultices
In external applications, cottage cheese starts a lactic fermentation process which eliminates the inflammatory substances. It has great expectorant effects that relieves cough. Warm cottage cheese poultices are recommended in case of irritating cough, simple cough, bronchitis, chronic arthritis.

-1 kg of cottage cheese (for adults)/ 500 grams (for children)
-2 clean cloth
-1 paisley
-3 safety pins

Preparation and application:
Heat on a steam bath the cottage cheese, stirring continuously. Spread onto the first cloth a thick layer of lukewarm cheese then wrap the cheese. Apply the cottage cheese on the patient’s chest or on the affected area (in case of arthritis) and cover it with the second cloth then wrap the patient thigh with the paisley and fix it with safety pins.

Leave the poultice to act for 4-10 hours or until it’s completely dry. In case of unpleasant sensations, you may remove it earlier. This warm poultice is applied daily or three times a week.

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