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2 miraculous ingredients to prevent daily stress

Consuming these two ingredients can provide a peaceful sleep, treats headaches and strengthens immunity. The mix of these two ingredients may seem surprising but if you suffer from insomnia, the combination of sugar and salt is the best solution.

However, is not recommended in large quantities because it can damage health. A small amount is all you need to get benefits. Here’s what you can enjoy if you consume this mix:

1. Get rid of insomnia
2. Get rid of headaches
3. Offer a strong immune system

Consuming these ingredients increases serotonin levels in the body, stripping away from stress.
Here’s miraculous recipe:


– 5 tablespoons brown sugar
– 1 teaspoon sea salt

The ratio between salt and sugar should be 1: 5.
Mix all ingredients and store in a glass jar.

How to use:

Take a small amount of this mixture and put under the tongue. Let it dissolve. Repeat every night before you go to bed. Sodium in salt helps to oxygenate cells and is a source of energy (energy improves the production process).
Stress can affect the correct functioning of the body depriving it of general relaxation over night. These two ingredients are an important factor in the battle against stress.

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